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7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW Before You Choose a Nursing Home

Placing a spouse or a parent in a nursing home is likely one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever have to make. It’s not a decision anyone wants to face. To make matters worse, it is often a choice that must be made under pressure, with little warning.

LIVING WITH ALS A Legal and Financial Resource Guide

This guide will serve as an introduction to a number of the common practical and legal issues ALS patients and their families encounter, in addition to some practical strategies for dealing with these issues.

LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER’S A Legal and Financial Resource Guide

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be overwhelming. It opens up a new world of medical jargon, treatments, and routines. It also means making all kinds of adjustments to the way you and your family live. These life adjustments often include decisions that carry legal implications.


The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is often accompanied by an incredible amount of anxiety and stress. Whether the need for long-term care is brought on by a sudden accident or by a long-term, progressive illness, this is likely an unhappy time for both the person entering the nursing home and those who are helping with the transition.

PLAN TODAY FOR A SECURE TOMORROW The Benefits of Medicaid Planning With an Income-Only Trust

The need for nursing home care does not have to catch you off guard. A visit with a qualified estate planning and elder law attorney – one who has experience helping families sort through their long-term care nursing home options and understands how the Medicaid program might apply to your situation – can help you understand the choices available to you and prepare for the future with a clear plan for how to pay for a nursing home without going broke or losing the family home.

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